Tracewatch - multiple install problem




wondering if someone can shed some light on this. installing tracewatch on one site went perfectly fine, statistics are being counted and things are working fine. adding a second site has proven problematic.

what i’ve done:

  1. created userinfo_myinstance.php in original twatch_include folder, changed the prefix and made different login info for Tracewatch (same login for mysql as the db is the same)
  2. in the 2nd site, added twatch_include folder in root with extlogger.php in it and added this code to pages to be counted (and renamed them with .php extensions):
<?php $GLOBALS['adl_page_prefix']='myprefix'; $GLOBALS['adl_alt_instance']='mysintance'; $GLOBALS['adl_ext_addr']=''; @include_once $GLOBALS['HTTP_SERVER_VARS']['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/twatch_include/extlogger.php'; ?>

when i check the database in the mysql admin page, i see entries for the original tracewatch install plus another set with myprefix appended. but i can access site #2 using a computer with a dif ip that i am not checking tracewatch at all with and stats are not being counted.

both sites are hosted by dreamhost. i don’t know how site #1 and site #2 are related to each other structure-wise as they are accessed via different logins, so when i login to ftp to see one site, i cannot see the other. any tips or comments would be greatly appreciated.

the inkwire team