Trac Version

I just installed Trac, and everything appears to be running well. The DreamHost control panel reported that it installed 0.11.4, yet when I run “trac-admin -version” via SSH, that tool says, “Welcome to trac-admin 0.11.1”. Furthermore, at the bottom of every Trac page, it says, “Powered by Trac 0.11.1”. When you click on that link, it takes you to the Trac About page which also says Trac 0.11.1 is being used.

Which version is actually installed?

0.11.1 was released in August 2008
0.11.4 was released in March 2009

Why does it still install such an old version? If you want to stick with the 0.11.x branch, there’s the final 0.11.7 release from March 2010.

The 0.12.x branch is now on 2, and 0.12.3 is due out in December. There are a number of nice core features in 0.12.x, such as “realtime” side-by-side preview, the ability to rename existing pages without losing their history, detailed table formatting, etc. These features alone make it worth upgrading. When can we expect DreamHost to upgrade to this version?