Trac Email


I just finished setting up Trac and it’s working great.

Except that my e-mail setup (which identically worked fine on my old hosting provider’s Trac) isn’t working. I don’t get e-mailed on Trac ticket updates. Here’s the relevant chunk of Trac.ini:

admit_domains =
always_notify_owner = true
always_notify_reporter = true
always_notify_updater = true
ignore_domains =
mime_encoding = base64
smtp_always_bcc =
smtp_always_cc =
smtp_default_domain =
smtp_enabled = true
smtp_from =
smtp_password = myp4ssw0rd
smtp_port = 587
smtp_replyto =
smtp_server =
smtp_subject_prefix = default
smtp_user =
ticket_subject_template = $prefix #$ $summary
use_public_cc = false
use_short_addr = false
use_tls = true

Any idea what is wrong or why e-mails to ticket changes are not being sent out?

Thank you!

Nevermind… it was working all along.