Totally new to wordpress

Hi & I hope someone can help me. I have been using dreamweaver to put together my websites (very basic) & now wish to make use of the power of Wordpress.
So, I am used to designing the page, and uploading via the site manager of my webhost to publish it.
I know this sounds stupid but, is Wordpress immediately available once I sign up with Dreamhost? So that I can get the site up and running (you know, do the layout) with minimum down time? I am assuming that I do the layout etc online, which is really the reason why I am seriously considering Wordpress?


Hi there,

Dreamhost has One Click Install software for your convenience. Wordpress is included within this. Once you signup for your account, you will have to login to the panel and from there go to Goodies->One Click Install and select Wordpress. There are many Wordpress themes you can choose from as Dreamhost automatically adds them for you.

More info about WordPress here

Thanks boomboom, patricktan,

I am looking into it now. Hope to be up very soon!

I just recently set up a site with Wordpress and everything went great (I love you Dreamhost!!!). Been doing some work with GoDaddy for a couple of clients, and you will find the Dreamhost panel for site management far superior to GoDaddy. :slight_smile:

I’d prefer to upload and install by scratch. The install routine is quite easy though. Doing it for my domain.

The One-Click Advanced is a really easy to get started. After that, I stick with WordPress’ built-in update mechanism.

wordpress is an excellent application s0 many people are using this one to create websites and blogs…i am also a new one here and loving this thing…

Pls my acc is still pending whatz the prob?help me.[hr]
Pls my acc is still pending whatz the prob?help me.