Totally Locked out of my account

I’m totally locked out of my account. Clicking on Log In brings up the page that says “This site can’t be reached”. I have tried using their feature of accessing support when access to the account is not working, but after completing the form asking for detailed info on the account, the submittal just “spins”.

How can I contact support to regain access to my account?

You’ll need to Contact Support Here

That doesn’t work! After completing form, the wait circle circles indefinitely.

The link & the form work. I just tried it.

If you are having issues, it is likely your browser, a tool you’ve installed on your browser or your connection (ISP) or a combination of these.

Suggest you try a different browser (without any add-ons) or try connecting from someone else’s connection.

I can’t remember if I tried it on a different browser, but I’m sure I tried it on a different computer. I just tried it now on FireFox instead of Chrome with my IP address unblocked and message went thru. So, I don’t know for sure if changing browsers worked, or it failed because my IP address was blocked.
I think DreamHost has a serious deficiency in not providing a way to communicate with them outside of their website such as an external email address or even a postal address. Even a phone line with a usage charge would be greatly beneficial.
Thanks for your time.

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