Total space vs. user space?

I just got the newsletter which mentions the incredible QUADRUPLING of disk storage space. My Dreamhost panel says I have 21970 MB of space. That’s nearly 22 GB! I have to blink twice every time I look at that number. And it’s not even April 1st!

So I go to check my user account specs, and the maximum size is set to the hard limit, which is 6170 MB. Is there something wrong, or am I missing something?

TIA, people! Happy New Year, too…

The total in an account was raised, but the individual user quotas set within an account (if any) are kept where they were, until the account owner changes them.

– Dan

I was just looking at that earlier today. Even if you didn’t set a stoarage limit, and it’s overall plan limits, it’s still listed as the origional amount that came with your plan. As long as you heavn’t set any specific limits, then it will be the overall plan amount, even though that figure isn’t updating.

hope that makes sense


isn’t all this disk space pointless? Unless you are hosting hundreds of files, which I don’t think DH even allows because you would consume so much bandwidth, then what’s the point. Did DH get rid of the CPU limit per user? Unless they did that, having 1TB of bandwidth and 20GB of storage is useless IMO.

It’s silly though, because the edit panel says: “(in addition to restrictions already present for this account, currently 5660 MB (hard limit 20000 MB)”

So the restrictions on my account are 5660MB (which I cannot change) even though I should now have over 20000MB in space and have changed the user limit to be 20000.

They seem to have increased the CPU limits from 40 minutes to 60 minutes:

'S’all right! All I had to do was manually set the disk storage limit to what I wanted, and my main account was up to 21970 MB (“although the changes could take up to two hours”).

No more worries! Thanks all for your input.

I hope that’s what it means. Otherwise, If we use over our old hardlimit user diskspace, we will be charge for it.

I will wait a couple days for the hardlimit to update itself since I didn’t set/limit my diskspace.