Total Novice Needs Help in Social Network Installation Instructions


I am trying to learn setting up new site on my own as a learning experience. I own 3 domains that are parked with namecheap that I plan to keep there and not transfer them here. I wanted to use the special for 1 year that DH offers to see if I can launch them here and learn from it. I wanted to use buddypress on one of them, elgg on the other and possibly socialengine on the 3rd one. I am doing this to learn and create very good social networks on different topics. So, my questions are…

  1. Is there a stop by step instruction guides for what to do once you get your account to show three domains with different content?

  2. Step by step instructions for buddypress?

  3. Step by step instructions for elgg?

  4. Step by step instructionsf ro SocialEngine?

I am great at following directions so anything that may have been already done by someone, please send it to me. Thank you.

  • Girlie Girl

good for you. learn by doing. i’m taking that approach as well…

  1. DH wiki
  2. buddypress plugin homepage
  3. dunno
  4. dunno

never heard of 3 & 4