Total Newbie

I hope there really are no silly questions . I have lost my webguy that did everything for my little website. I thought I would try to teach myself how to do a couple of things that I have been told are really simple . NOT ! I have been submitting my website to some toplists and such , and most require I place a recipicle link on my website . I cannot figure out how to do it ( that college degree is really useless ) The webguy has placed a few on my splash page and I also have a link section . I really cant aford to hire someone new for a couple of weeks and was hoping maybe someone could point me in the right direction or maybe know someone who isnt to expensive to do it for me . I think I would be better off learning how to do all this stuff myself , but when you have little time . . . . Are there any tutorials I could read and figure it out ? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated , I am at the end of my rope , and its not a nice place . . . UGH ! Thanks in advance for any help at all .

All the html you need at
Painful learning to hand code with a text editor but many of us here don’t have a high opinion of software programs.