Total newbie here!

I just signed up for my first hosting account and finally have my own www. I have tons of questions on how to do alot of things thru my account. First, i cant seem to find the control panel for creating & editing my site. I see sections for billing, rewards, site statistics, etc…but how do i actually create and edit my site?

My site is to be a forum and i beleive i have set it up properly and have started working on it, how can i make sure its set to go and all is being done properly?

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First, there’s not sextiong of the panel for creating and editing your site. You’ll have to do that one on your own. If you’re only going to have a forum and nothing else, then you don’t need to worry about any other site design.

If you want to get into some site design I’d reccomend you check out NVU for a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. And Filezilla for a FTP client. You’d use NVU to design your site, and then you’d use filezilla to transfer your files form your comptuer to DH.

If you’re wanting ot check out your site before the DNS propigates from your domain name, you can set up a ‘mirror’. Just add a new domain from the panel and set it up to be a mirror. create! It’s that simeple and now you can check out your site. Of course once your DNS propigates your own will work as well.

Did you see the one click install for phpBB forum in the panel? You might like just using that. It’s very easy to get set up.


NVU is? I feel for now i want to focus on my forum, which i have created with phpbb within dreamhost. Will everything for editing the forum be ONLY in my admin panel? What will i need the dreamhost user panel for as far as the forum is concerned?
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As far as the forum goes, the DH panel will no longer play any role. You’ll go to your forum, log in - and then follow the link at the bottom of the page to “go to admin panel”

That will control the board. you can easly do everything from there. you can check out the Tutorial section of phpbb for some awesome flash tutoriasl that tell you how to do just about everythign with your forum.

Also, if you want to change the sytle or look of your forum, I reccomend that you again check out the phpbb site for ready made layout that you can use.