Total Migration from one Dreamhost to another Dreamhost

First time here and I really need some help with this. The situation is this:
I’ve got a website in a Dreamhost account and now I want to move it to another Dreamhost account. The Wordpress part or the DNS modification aren’t things that worry me, not at all. However I had set up the Google services in this first account and I’m affraid that the connection could get lost or my e-mails or all the e-mail subject would have to start from zero when I move the domain to the other account.
I really need to migrate the website with everything so I would like to know if there’s a step-by-step guide or some manual I could follow to avoid painful issues related to the loss of the e-mail accounts in this domain.

No worries — everything will stay in place. Google won’t even be aware that anything changed.

Really?! But I should re-configure the DNS thingy in the new hosting like in the beginning, right?

Right, you may need to set that up on the account that the domain is moved to. (Depending on how the move is carried out, though, it may just carry over.) Even if that isn’t all set up right away, though, your Google Apps data will stick around — it just may be temporarily inaccessible if the DNS entries aren’t in place.