Total Disk Space/Bandwidth Display Issue

I’ve added an additional user to be able to use the control panel, via their own Web ID. I notice that the new user, when logged into their control panel, is able to see my (the owner’s) total disk space and bandwidth allocation in the bottom left corner instead of what bandwidth and disk space is allotted to them in the permissions. Is there any way to change it so they only see what they’re allowed to use, or are they always going to see how much is total on my account?

I know of no way to change the display to only reflect the individual user’s “quota”. I’ve looked at that, and other issues regarding allowing “sub-users” access to the control panel, and ultimately found I could allow them to do all they needed( and all that I wanted) them to do using any of several “filemanager” or “document manager” CGI scripts installed within their space.


I’m thinking that’s probably the best idea for the situation, but lacks the one feature my co-worker is looking for: the one click installs of web applications. Any work around to allow access to that single portion of the panel?

Also, any particular ‘filemanager’/‘document manager’ cgi’s that you’d recommend?

I don’t know of a way to “work around” the “one-click” thing. While I have used them, I’m not real fond of using them; it’s so much “cleaner” to my way of thinking just to install most of those programs with the shell.

The other problem, in my opinion, is that the “one-clicks” also provides them with access to the list/creation of mysql databases (which of course you can limit with permissions, but it is not “seamless”). Personally, given the way certain of the “oneclicks” implement re-write rules, and other issues involving PHP4/5, etc, I have never felt comfortable turning a “sub-user” loose with that. I’d rather they contact me; I can spare the 5 minutes it normally takes to properly install any of those for them much more easily than I can spend the time it could take to “sort” it if they “bugger it up”. YMMV!

As for the “filemanagers” out there, I have used several, and I think it really depends upon the sophistication of your user, and what you want to allow them to do as to which is best. For most of my needs, I seem to find myself using ffileman a lot; though the Gossamer-threads fileman is a “classic”.

What I like the most about this approach, is that I can rely completely on the filemanager (which can be different for different levels of users!), and Dreamhost’s use of suexec makes the use fo a filemanager (running as the user - yeah!) to “sandbox” the users’ resources nicely. in conjunction with an ftp only DH user account, I think it is a reasonable compromise between giving the user “freedom” but protecting myself from anything they might do in the shell or the control panel. For me, it just works out better.

I have not really looked at many of the “newer” offerings; I’m sure has scores! :wink:


Wonderful, quick response. Many thanks!

I agree whole heartedly with the ‘cleaner’ way of installing and building web aps by hand, and I think I’ll just stick with doing it that way for my co-worker.

Thanks again.