TOS Violation question

Just a quick question.

I am looking to build a simple backup tool to host personal files using Amazon S3

If I use Amazon S3 to host the files, and just use dreamhost to host the upload scripts will i still be in violation of the TOS if the files uploaded are mp3s etc.


You’ll have to ask the Abuse/Support people here. Try sending to abuse at, or even contact Sales via the contact link on their main page.


It would depend if the scripts are used to upload copywritten content - in which case you would be using your website for unlawful purposes. Unfortunately this would be in violation of the TOS. It seems harsh but that’s just how it is. As an example, torrent sites are used on a daily basis for the transmission of legal and valid data - but are easily abused to prolificate the transfer of pirated material as well.

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what if the purpose of the uploads are just for backup and not for distribution.

The account space at DH (and all other professional, established webhosting companies) is to be used for webhosting, not for file storage. Yeah, I know - When does webhosting become storage and vice versa? It’s a doosie.

Unlike many other companies DH do have a file storage system that is separated from your ‘main’ webhosting account. I can’t recall the pricing structure in place off the top of my head but I remember it being on a ‘per Gig’ basis and dirt cheap in comparison to the available file storage businesses I looked at earlier this year.

Contact Sales for more info :wink:

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The issue really isn’t space, as the OP is using S3 for the backup site. The gray area is the actual content that’s passing through his DreamHost account.

I suspect it’s “ok” for what they’re doing, but it’s always nice to get the seal of approval from DreamHost itself.