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Information is sketchy at this point, but a blogger is claiming that DreamHost recently closed his account and refused to cooperate in backup recovery after he posted an article DreamHost thought was “defamatory” (presumably toward DreamHost itself.)

I just re-read the TOS and didn’t see anything in there that warned that denial of service was a possible consequence of saying negative things about DreamHost, so this could just be a case of sour grapes, but I thought I’d put it out there and see if anyone knows more. is where I found the story.



Looks like this account was disabled for spam violations.

I also see two of our senior abuse members working for 2 months after the account was disabled to help this person get their domains transfered and their data moved over.

Nice try… :wink:

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OK. Usually when the information is that sketchy, I smell exaggeration or embellishment, so I can’t say I’d be surprised to find that Mr. Mondo’s story holds about as much water as a strainer.

He claimed his account was disabled “a few days” prior to April 17. If your guys have been working on this for two months, it’d have to have been well before that. Columbo hated inconsistencies. :slight_smile:


“prior to April 17”

Of last year is closer to it…

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Really? Yes, “information is sketchy”; it’s “sketchy” to the point of not being any “information” at all. From the “claim”:

I don’t see what it was in that statement that would leave you to “presume” that anything was represented as being “defamatory toward DreamHost itself”. In fact, for those the least bit curious as to what might have been a defamation issue (since the “blogger” can’t be bothered to tell you!), turning to the Google cache to take a look at the site (warning NSFW!) is useful. If you do that that, you’d probably realize that any number of issues might possibly (quite likely?) have gotten this “blogger” into legal issues over “defamation”. :wink: edit- though in this case, that doesn’t even appear to be the real issue at all

The rest of his post about his backup problems is just typical ignorant blathering - he obviously knows as little about backup practices as he appears to know about the law and TOS compliance.

The TOS is pretty clear, and “saying negative things about DreamHost” doesn’t even generate a raised eyebrow with the DreamHost Abuse staff - it’s a daily occurrence, even on these forums. :wink:

There is nothing to see here relevant to DreamHost censoring negative commentary; I think this is pretty clearly a case of an “idiot and his blog” run afoul of the law and/or TOS. meh. :wink:

The one thing worth noting, as has been noted repeatedly in these forums, (and should be clear from reading the DreamHost TOS), is that users should take responsibility for their own backups. Period. Full stop.

This is true in every case, for everyone, in every circumstance, when storing data on someone else’s machine, irrespective of whatever “backup” facilities are available on a host - even if they are “guaranteed” (which in DreamHost’s case, they are not!)


Edited: Ha! I walked away for a sandwich and “missed” the responses from GregR - so it was spam, eh? Ha, well … so much for what this guy claims!


Yeah, from brief perusing of the wayback machine, there’s no hint of anything about dreamhost at all being on the site. I’d place the odds of that at about a million to one.

And I’d like to add my emphasis to rlparker’s that this stuff is more than “not safe for work”, it is sexually explicit. Be careful!

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Maybe he posted videos of DreamHost caught in compromising positions.



Is there a nap video? I hope not!

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