Torrent Tracker


Well today There was New MOd Released at

it is Torrents Tracker i really would like to install it … but i say let me ask First what DreamHost say about the Torrents .

Thankyou very much :slight_smile:

No persistant processes are allowed, include BT trackers.

Do a search for BitTorrent and see past discussions.

i by my self dont no what is bittorents but i just would like to add in as feature in the site… as i know the torrents that bring poeple to your site and i dont no if it is problem here in dreamhost or not …

I know it’s not allowed on shared servers because it’s hard to track bandwidth usage but I am not sure about dedicated servers.

Are all BitTorrent trackers persistant processes? I was under the impression that many of the newer implementations were just plain, ordinary PHP scripts, which would be monitored for bandwidth and CPU usage as any other script is. (My understanding is that BitTorrent clients don’t remain connected to the tracker; they only poll occasionally, at an interval specified by the tracker itself–say, every 30 minutes.)

I’d guess the reason they’re discouraged by the TOS is that very popular trackers would put more load on the server than a regular web page, especially if the tracker uses a MySQL database.


Re: Boing Boing mentions DH (BitTorrent)

So if you are on shared hosting, then don’t run a tracker or a client (for seeding) on the machine hosting your site. Run them on a machine at a different site, such as your house, workplace, or a different provider.

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