Torrent seed

Me and a few other people are trying to host a torrent file for someone who was recently slashdotted. But my question is this… how?
I have the file I need to host but have no clue how to actually tell the world that the file is here. Could someone kindly help me out please?
And yes, since I know you are all asking. It is a legitimate file, no warez, movies, or mp3’s involved. :slight_smile:

Any help would be GREATLY apprecieated.

Can’t be of much help, except to point out that it is not allowed by DreamHost.

From the DreamHost terms of service:

“BitTorrent software specifically may not be run on any DreamHost Webhosting server”


Well to host a file it does not require any software. I only need it listed someplace so the rest of the net knows that it’s actually hosted on the site.
The TOS simply applies to running massive tracking sites that suck up large amounts of bandwidth which would potentially grind the server to a hault.

Well yes, I imagine that hosting the torrent file itself would not be a problem. Perhaps I was confused by “seed” in your subject line. I believe that in common bt terminology, seeding implies actually running (client) bittorrent software.

If you are just talking about hosting the torrent file, I imagine you would tell the world that the file is there the same way you would for any other web content. To my knowledge there is no “master list” of torrent files anywhere, though there are some BT-specific search engines.


Yeah, thats the problem. Getting the .torrent file out there to one of the trackers or running a very small tracker that would only list this one file.
I just have no clue when it comes to the bt stuff.