Torrance down?

the server my pages are on ( appears to be down. I cannot pull up any of my pages nor do they or torrance respond to pings.

There is nothing about anything being down on the status page so I was wondering if it was just me. Anyway just thought I’d check.


Don’t know, but “korben” was also down a short while ago, my websites were offline for about 15 minutes. No warning on that either. And possibly not the database server failure immediately preceding it – the announced downtime was for “orangey” which I don’t believe my databases are on.

There seems to be intermitiant problems with Dreamhost today. Probably somehting wrong with backbone conections as everything goes out for a while.

I think there’s also an error with their announcement system, I’ve gotten 3 or 4 announcemnts this week about server that I don’t have data on. Either somone new is sending out he announcements wrong, or there’s a bug in their system. I say that becuase in my year here, this is he first time I’ve gotten annuncemnts that don’t apply to me.