Took my money

Hi everyone,
I recently purchased a shared hosting package which was supposed to include a free domain. It did not , as I had to pay 11.95 for the domain. I had no problem paying an extra 11 dollars.

When I log into my panel, the domain only shows up under manage domains, not registrations. I also cannot log into my php admin to edit the website.When I search to see if my domain is still available dreamhost says yes. I don’t know what to do and as a beginner I hope I’m just making a simple mistake.

It would depend on the domain extension whether it is free with the hosting package. If you paid 11.95 for the registration then it was probably not through DreamHost - they charge $13.95 for a .com domain.

My best guess is you registered a domain on another service provider and not DramHost and the DNS for the domain does not point to DH. But in the absence of any info about our domain or screenshots of your account - a bit hard to help.