Too late to get free domain?

I’m being real cheap here but… I just paid for my second year here at DH and it occurred to me that since I brought my own domain (registered with GoDaddy) it seems DH owes me a domain name registration. Is there a time cap on this? If I ask DH to register a new domain which we just point to my current account space, can I get it? Hey, I can think of all kinds of fun stuff to do with another domain - I’m just too cheap to fork out $10 for the first year myself. :wink:


I don’t see why not! The “free domain” is given by simply not charging you for the first domain you register…

If you do not have a domain currently registered with DreamHost, just register one and reap the “free domain” (otherwise, you will have “credit” for one free domain in a “pending” status … you might as well use it!) :wink:


All the hosting plan gives a free domain. If you don’t register it, I think DH will accumulate the points to next year. In another word, you can use the points anytime you like.

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Did you transfer registration or did you just transfer hosting? Are you going to transfer registration later?

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I don’t see a need to make DH my registrar. Having a single vendor is convenient but it’s a sort of brain-dead function and it doesn’t matter (to me anyway) who is doing it. That said, when the DH DNS went down a few months ago, we were still getting email here, precisely because I have GoDaddy doing the NS lookups. We get our email from because we’ve been burned in the past by hosting companies who didn’t know how to manage a mail server, constant blacklisting from DNSBLs, etc. If we had a our own IP with DH, our static pages would have been completely isolated from the DH DNS issue - though unfortunately I believe dynamic pages like forum and blog would be down because I believe we refer to the MySQL server by hostname rather than IP. Any vendor can fall over, stuff happens. I just try not to put all my eggs in one basket.

If DH registers a new domain for us, I wonder if it would be a problem if we then moved the registration to GoDaddy, of course keeping the site hosted here, which is the whole point. Might that be considered a slap in the face?

Thanks for the responses guys.

I understand that, I just wanted to clarify for all the responders that you didn’t use last year’s domain registration and you haven’t used this year’s either.

With this explicit full description of the situation, I can say that I don’t know whether you have two free registrations coming or just one (which I think was your original question).

Address the question to support and please let us know the answer when you get it!

Of course, if anyone has concrete knowledge of the answer from previous experience, please do let us know!

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