Too good to be true?

Here’s where it sounds too good to be true. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Insane= $9.95Month (1 year rate)

Using a promo code


So if I sign up and pre-pay 1 year and use a promo, I get all that great stuff and only have to pay $22.14 when I sign on? Or is it like the “mail-in coupon for your money back” scenario?

  1. Can I upgrade my account in 3-4 months to a different level? Say I wanted to switch to codemonster, would there be another setup fee or would I lose the promo $$$ credit?

  2. Can I have multiple accounts? Just kidding, common sense would prevail eventually. But really, can I have 1 account for my pages/forums and another to host [legal] file downloads?

*4. This one is going to win the dumbest question of the week award. Can I refer myself in the promo for a second account? , had to ask, ya never know…>

*This question proves that the Internet is a place for opportunity. It affords you the maximum opportunity to display your inabilities in a minimal amount of time.

Nope, you describe it accurately.

There wouldn’t be another setup fee, no, since your account’s already set up and activated and what have you. You would, however, be paying the difference in price between the two accounts. Although, unless you’re planning on taking advantage of the small differences offered by Code Monster, CDI will probably suit you just fine as it literally grows with you.

If by account you mean shell user, you can have up to the maximum allowed by your current plan (CDI is, I believe, 75). You can have multiple control panel accounts set up as priveleged users for one or more of your plans if you want, but if it’s just you using it that would be a bit impractical. Basicly, the only thing you can’t have is more than one billing account.

Nope. DH would catch you, probably kill one or both your accounts, and you wouldn’t get a thing out of it. Besides that, see the answer to your last question.

Yes, I have an opinion.

Get a minimum 50% off with the “haveadreamyday” promo code, and… have a dreamy day. Original, no?

  1. Yes, that’s true. You get one year filled with all features of the crazy domain insane plan for $22.40. However, note that you have to pay the full price when you pay for your next year.

Well, I just took the plunge and it worked just like that. Full price next year is nothing. If you average it out over 2 years I just paid $5.91 a month for 24 months.

Unreal deal, thanks for the responses.

(No I wasn’t actually thinking of using myself on the promo, it was a joke.) :slight_smile:

But I did want to know about the multiple accounts. I’ll just ask support later from my panel. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community Modwriter!

As for the multiple accounts, TOS say no, but other members have shown other statements (from the wiki I think), so the best decision is to ask the support center.

Please inform us of their answer!

Thank you!

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Due to the TOS you can only have one active billing account. However you can add accounts from the panel and these are other kind of accounts. It’s a bit confusing because you can do that from the Billing section of the panel. I haven’t looked deeply into that, but somehow it works. You could say that it is okay to add accounts from the panel, but it’s not okay to sign up again when you already have an active billing account.

What is really easy to do is to add accounts (users) to the server your plan is hosted on. But that’s a totally different thing.

Thanks for that. Actually what I was saying is that I was thinking about paying for 2 completely separate accounts. One for content management, etc. and one for file management.

After looking in my brand spankin new control panel, I see the files forever thing and it looks like a better deal for what I want to do. So no need. I think.

Anyone know if the files forever comes off your account bandwidth usage? bah, I’ll go search.

If I recall correctly, anything you commit to ‘Files Forever’ is stored on independent file servers and transfer of these files do not impact your normal plan usage.

Probably a good idea or if all else fails, make a post in the beta thread on the subject. I’m sure someone will have the definitive answer to your question.


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Just wanted to follow up.

It isn’t too good to be true, I’m still trying to find the catch and I haven’t yet. So it must be true.

Setup was easy, price was great, setup/activation only took a couple hours < rub rub :slight_smile: >, everything is up and running great.

I like the custom control panel. It’s super easy to navigate and understand. Even someone like me with only a publik edukashun can run it. And it gives you access to advanced features that make running a site easier.

Now I just have to migrate my sites. We all know that part is easy, piece of cake, just click click click.

Thanks for your replies and help.

It’s nice isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Sometimes we existing customers must come across as ‘fanboys’ of the DreamHost panel, but it really is that much better than the alternatives. True, it is a little slow at times, but even this is improving.

Be sure to post in the forums if you run into any problems, I am sure someone will have the answer.

Anyway, welcome to DreamHost and good luck with your sites. :slight_smile:


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When I signed up with DreamHost I wasn’t expecting much… but what the heck, it was just a test. But I was much better than I expected, and today I’m still a client, and a promoter :slight_smile:

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is there any place where I can see a demo account of your pannel?
I come from plesk and CPanel, so I would like to know how different that is, before I buy a 2 year account

BUGabundo :o)

Not really a demo, but you can create a DreamHost account without signing-up for a hosting plan (you can always add a plan to your account later). This will allow you to log into the admin panel, but you won’t be able to do much without a plan or domains under the account.


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already done that.
have just found a few minutes ago that THAT was the pannel.
it looks nice, but as nice and colorful as CPanel

BUGabundo :o)

You will find most people around here are quite fond of the DreamHost admin panel and with good reason :slight_smile:

It may not be as ‘pretty’ as cPanel, but personally I find it far superior when trying to actually get things done. There is a lot of functionality in there that isn’t obvious until you have a plan and a few domains.


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Yes, it’s quite different from Cpanel. It will get some time to be used to it (checking each site stats, email, etc), but in time, you’ll like it :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: All money from 90promo was given to Santa’s Helpers Charity :slight_smile: