Too good to be true - Coupon?

I was thinking of switching to Dreamhost and noticed they had a $100 coupon that is supposed to expire today, November 30th.

My question is, will it really expire today? How common is this coupon or coupons like it? I can’t help but feeling this is a bait and switch kind of coupon.

It’s real – use it!

It has been there before, and it could be there beyond the expiration date. If you really want to use it, I wouldn’t wait.

If you do miss it, it’s not that much more than all of the $97 codes out there from Dreamhost users.

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with ALMOST97 promo code (I get $1).
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I guess what I’m asking is, is this really a special one-day-only deal, or is this one of those things they have almost every day? Or maybe a better question would be is the 97 code (nearly identical to this one) always available?

The only coupon similar to what you describe that I could find was for $99.00 off your bill (close enough to $100.00, I suppose). There’s not really much reason to think it’s a “bait and switch” kind of thing, as $97.00 promo codes for Dreamhost are available “every day” all over the internet (I mean, they are everywhere!).

It’s real.


It’s interesting to hear about, in a way. Was it a javascripted popup?

But does an extra 3 bucks really matter?

A $102 off deal is “out there”, with some more complications, if you look for it and want a couple more bucks.

They recently hired more support help.
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Yeah, the $97 ones are always available (from customers).

When you see a promo code that’s all numbers, it’s directly from Dreamhost. The rest of us have to add letters to the mix.

Note that they all have certain restrictions. The full amount only applies to yearly payments, but even the monthly plans get at least $50 (setup fee) knocked off.

There’s not much of a reason to go monthly, since you can get a year of L1 for barely over $20 with a $97 code. And there’s a 97 day money back guarantee, as long as you pay with a credit card.

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with ALMOST97 promo code (I get $1).
Or save $97 with THEFULL97.

It’s just another way of doing business. DreamHost expects you to be a longtime customer, and then renew for the full price. The discount coupon just works on your subscription.

We saw this doubt so many times :slight_smile: If in the signup process it says you will only have to pay $x, then it’s true :stuck_out_tongue:

DreamHost $97 discount code: 97promo «« Check other codes on
:slight_smile: All money from 90promo was given to Santa’s Helpers Charity :slight_smile:

Well, the 9999 promo-code was offered for ‘one-day-only’ back at the start of October, so this makes the second ‘one-day-only’ for this particular code :slight_smile:

Since the promo-code is to celebrate the 9th year of DreamHost, I doubt you will see it offered again this year. I suspect that you’ll have to wait until the end of 2007 before they offer another anniversary promo-code.

However, as others have said, there are many customer created $97 promo-codes out there, which is only a few dollars less than the discount provided by the anniversary code.


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9999 still available and takes $99.99 off

That’s so cool. :wink: Cut the code.

They hired more support help.
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