Too dumb to breathe newbie question

I work with a VERY small non profit dog rescue. We’ve been using a fill in the blank website hosting plan, which is EASY but extremely limited. There are about 6 choices of CSS etc. I am using dreamhost for 2 weeks trial to see if we can switch our domain here.

I’m a BEGINNER. I know a little bit smattering of html, just starting to read about css. Php = just some letters to me for now.

I have wordpress as part of my initial set up. The first day I worked on an index page and haven’t seen it since, to edit – can’t figure how to find it. I read I need to edit pages then upload them via ftp?

Okay before I kill myself, I do think this is a place where we can get a better site for our dog rescue. Is there a book that is for absolute noobs on the how to nuts and bolts of starting a website on dreamhost that says something like:

click here. this is what you’ll see, now click there. then type.


I’ll buy a book if there is one.

Sorry such a basic question. Like I said, it’s a wonder I can breathe, sometimes :slight_smile:

This should help you out:


Don’t feel bad at all. Wordpress is an extremely robust and very complex CMS platform. I have a Computer Science degree, over 5 years in the field, and the many years of playing around as a teenager trying to learn (I’m hardly a teenager anymore… or a 20-something even, haha). I will drop my pride and say that the first time I got a look at the administration side of Wordpress, I was a bit intimidated by all of the options and this and that… sadly, the setup was the easy part, to me… but even that took a good deal of reading the documentation carefully, etc…

So, having said that… if someone like me can have trouble with it at first, I think you’re doing good to even know what Wordpress is.

Is there a particular reason you’ve decided on Wordpress as your CMS? There are several others in the One-click Install list that are much easier to manage and setup… unless you have an explicit need for Wordpress, you may want to look into some of the other CMS/blogging platforms, such as “concrete5”… “Drupal” and “Joomla”, are two other very popular CMS (content management systems, or beefed up blogs). ModX is another. Some of them are much easier to deal with and manage. Wordpress is built to handle lots of users, extensions, custom code, and a wide scope of functions to fill… many LARGE websites that you may not even know use Wordpress. So to say that Wordpress is your “average” blog or whatever… it’s not.

So let me know what your needs are on your site, and trust me… your question is not “too dumb to breathe”. It’s pretty typical of even experienced computer users upon first glance at it all to be taken aback. I can do whatever I can to help you… I just need to know specifically what you’re trying to do, where you’re stuck at… what messages you’re getting, etc.

If you’d rather speak to me in private, you’re welcome to private message me with any details, etc that you may not want to post for all to see. I don’t mind.

Thanks :slight_smile: appreciate the link[hr]

I am in the process of installing concrete5 to try it out. Hoping for a little simplicity. Won’t bug you right off, till I see how this works out. Thank you.