Tonight's Maintenance - Well Done!

Particularly in light of the problems many have sufferred over the last few days, I want to state that I am very pleased with how well the planned router replacement/network tuning has seemed to go.

For every poster out there who claims, “Doh! This stuff isn’t rocket science!” there are thousands of us who remain glad that the Dreamhost team handles these things for us. I’m sure there may be things still to be tweaked, nudged, and coddled back into place, but my sites and services are back up, my server load is down, and everything from my MySQL driven sites to the Control Panel seems to be working better.

We’ve all been quick to complain; it’s only fair we recoginze when something works well.

Congratulations are in order to the Dreamhost team for the success of tonight’s endeavor, and accomplishing all that within the predicted “downtime” window. Thanks!


I agree with this post.

I can’t really say things have been improved a lot (because, for me, they weren’t problematic to begin with). But I do like how quickly you handled that router replacement. Thanks! :smiley:

– The Happy DreamHost Customer! (lol)

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Yup, so far so good. Things seem snappier.

No reboot? My server’s uptime up 6 days

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I was thinking the same thing…mine is 4 days.


Well now my server is hosed.

[twinkie]$ uptime
09:51:12 up 27 days, 21:37, 2 users, load average: 54.09, 50.04, 54.14

I actually had a couple of great days there, almost 10 days I think…

It would have been nicer if Dreamhost had admitted at the beginning that the router upgrade wasn’t completed as planned last night.

Like this, you mean?

No, I mean when they said that the router maintenance was complete and everything was fine.

Was that not explained in that post? If Cisco says it’s okay, and DH relays the info straight from the horse’s mouth, I don’t see that as hiding anything. Especially when they release that post explaining why it’s not really done yet.

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The router upgrade was not done. As the later post states, the hardware swap was done but the upgrade could not be done because the router complained about the power supplies. Dreamhost could have told us from the beginning that they hadn’t done the upgrade and that they would need to do that once they got the new power supplies.

that may be true, but it may also be that they felt what they had done might have worked - only realizing later in the morning as the servers became more fully loaded that all was not as “well” as they had hoped.

Throughout the night last night, things might have appeared to be fine (they were for me and my sites). They did report back with the “problem” withing 12 hours, after warning everyone that it would take from 12-24 hours to tell if all was really fixed.

I remain hopeful that tomorrow’s maintenance will be completed on schedule and that it will finally complete this “cycle of grief”.