Toggle Announce List Confirmation?

I’m using an announcement list subscription form on a new website with a fairly tech illiterate population. I’d like to disable the confirmation requirement upon subscribing as seems to be implied possible in the help docs for announce lists, but does not appear to be an option when setting up nor managing.

As an alternative, a discussion list would be /much/ easier all around as one can simply send an email rather than having to visit the dreamhost control panel, but I see the same confirmation problem with discussion lists – and don’t see a good way, other than requiring moderation, to use a discussion list as an announce list.

Thoughts? – Primarily on toggling the announce list subscription confirmation requirement?

Their spam policy requires opt-in



ALL subscribers to announcement lists are going to have to confirm their opt-in. So, whenever you add a bunch of people through the web panel, it’ll help you email them to double-check they really want to get your newsletter. And whenever anybody subscribes from your web site, they’ll get an email confirming their opt-in as well.


You cannot disable the opt-in confirmation.

If you go into the web panel, under Home>Suggestions, there is are options you can vote for that will make the announcment lists much easier for non-techies by allowing them to bypass the panel.

There’s one you can vote for that would create an administration page for lists and another that would let specified users post to the list by sending an email.

If enough people vote for it, DH may implement it.

Thanks for the tip. I’d not heard of the voting scheme… anyone else interested in this, please do go vote: - Announce Lists

I submitted a suggestion which may show up to specificially eliminate the confirmation requiring a reply to subscribe to the an announce list via the web form. Regardless there are plenty of other nice mods which are available to vote on, in all categories.

Allowing that would specifically go against our policy. You must use a closed-loop mechanism for subscriptions to mailing lists on our system (or used to promote sites we host) to prevent accidental or malicious subscriptions.

IF you have a list which already meets the requirements and have the logs or other data to prove it, we’re generally happy to import it for you. That means that each subscriber has confirmed their subscription affirmatively using some sort of unique token via email or a web link.