ToDo list apps?

I am looking for a web-based application to manage categorized ToDo lists. I already have a running vBulletin installation, so I may look at some options for that. Here are some options that I am checking out to see if they have or can support todo lists:

  1. dreamhost’s Squirrelmail set up
  2. dreamhost’s WordPress set up
  3. vBulletin hacks
  4. WebDAV with Mozilla client
  5. Radio / PyDS / PyCS type set up
  6. MyYahoo!

I’ve also recently been looking into this. The below link is not mine.

This page gives a nice overview of most, but not all, systems out there. Some do more than just ToDo lists, but still have that functionality. You could also modify/hack a bug-reporting system to work pretty easily.

I wanted to install Trac, but it required too many other pieces of software to be run at DreamHost, so that’s out.

I’ve been trying to get Roundup (Python-based) to install for the past few days, and I’m so close to having it working, but I still get errors and I’m ready to give up.

So I’ve been taking a closer look at a few more:
WebCollab (available at to demo) -
FlySpray -
Eventum -

Right now I’m probably leaning more towards FlySpray than anything else.