Today's logs not there

I’m missing daily traffic logs for all of my sites, starting today. They’re there from yesterday backwards, but none for today. I know there’s been traffic, because I went to the sites myself… it’s just not getting logged.


I too see my logs are not there, on server warhead. I submitted a support ticket.

Mine started logging again about an hour ago, no response to my ticket though.


This has happened to me twice in as many weeks. I went back and forth with DH telling me they ran this that and the other script the first time and then finally found that something was misconfigured and had to reboot. So when it happened this next time (I haven’t had proper logs since 9/15 now) I sent them a copy of the last solution and they ran whatever script they ran that didnt work last time and it’s still not working and response it really slow. I realize it’s not priority but it’s ANNOYING as heck. The last time it was fixed was 9/6, then it happened again on 9/15. This time it is all my domains too, not just the 2 or 3 it was last time.