To use commands in ssh?


I’m trying to Install / Compile PHP 5, as in the tutorial, so you can install xcache, the problem is I do not understand much of SSH, I am using Putty in Windows XP, and enter my password, fine, then when you arrive in time to enter the SSH command, I type:
I InstallScript
hit “Enter” and Putty is closed automatically, if someone can help me with this tutorial, I would be very grateful!


If you’d like to learn about shell check this out, it’s awesome.

If you want to quickly get at your PHP.INI, take a look below.

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Thanks for the tip, more like I saw in a post in that forum, it seems that the script does not work to install xCache, if someone can give me just run this command as SSH, came InstallScript (so that tightening the “ENTER” is automatically the Putty closed!