To recover data from expired domain

Hello professionals…

I am not a techie like you all here are. I have just registered to keep myself updated and to resolve one of my critical issues.

I had some data of blogs on with the blog name as
Since a week i am trying to log in and it says that the domain is for sale and has expired.

i have saved the script data elsewhere. Thats some sort of literary data i created. i dont want to lose it or anyone else to use it.

Please suggest a simple way out of this mess.


Dr. Sayali Kulkarni

does this have anything to do with Dreamhost? It doesn’t seem like it. is a google domain, and the registration expires in May '17. appears to be owned by an individual in Germany, and expires in Feb '17.

We can only help you for things hosted on Dreamhost.

If it is hosted on dreamhost, and your account with them is still in good standing, then you can access your old data still (files will be available under your home directory in a folder using the domain of the site in question, and the databases will still be saved on the server)

If you simply had a domain redirect to blogspot, then we cannot help you, as Dreamhost is not involved at all. You’d have to reach out to Google, as they own and host Blogspot.