TO Exchange or Google Apps that is the question?


So I have been using ATMAIL for almost a month now and I am not happy with it… Lots of problems with IMAP… Cant Create folders from inside my mail client… Meaning if I create a folder inside Outlook 2016 with Atmails IMAP server, the folder does not show up in atmail’s webmail… Or I try to switch folders and go back to another folder and I am told that the folder doesn’t exist? When the folder was just working like a few min before? And then I switch off of that folder to another folder and come back and emails populate inside of the folder and I am not getting a folder not found error message? Stuff like that.

So I am thinking about outsourcing my emails… To Exchange or Gmail… Or does anyone have any better solution?

Christopher M

I forgot to add… That DREAM HOST’S ATMAIL is so broken I had to go back to Pop3… And I have a smart phone and I would like to be able to pick up my email from anywhere.

Christopher M

You could use IMAP with your smart phone.

But if you really want to move to an email provider, I like Google Apps. It was fairly painless to migrate users over to Google Apps.

ATMAIL’S imap is totally broken… Cant create folders, I mean you can but they don’t show up on webmail.


Go with Google apps, you won’t look back.

It looks like I cant leave ATMAIL

because I asked dreamhost, on how do I cancel the 10.00 a month charge from Dream Host since I am not using them for email

and the directions they sent me, if I was to go though with it, I would loose everything!! It would cancel my domain and everything? I guess that’s because I pay month to month?


If you just cancel your hosting, your domain will work at DH, you just have to configure the DNS and pay for the domain. Or you could transfer your domain hosting to another domain registrar first. Your domain / account is less than a month old, and I do not know DH’s charges for exporting your domain. I imagine you would owe the fee for the domain registration.

OR you could install your own email software. Many people quite like Roundcube around these parts.