To everyone offering $97 promo codes

Since you put your entire $97 reward towards the discount, what do you get if someone uses it, other than warm fuzzy feelings?

…the chance for secondary referrals (people you refer), at 5 dollars each.

Plus, I know for a fact that some of those offering $97 value that warm fuzzy feeling; they don’t really need the money but do want to turn others on to DreamHost.

The search feature of these forums will turn up quite a bit of discussion related to your question. :wink:


could you give me links to the specific threads? I used the search feature but they brought up all the discussions because of the people’s signatures. :slight_smile:

Well, you have to be a little creative in your search terms, and use the “and” operator, etc. - :wink:

Here’s one:

and another:

(there are more…but you should learn to search!)


Although you give away the $97 you still get money if someone takes a monthly plan. The max discount on monthly L1 is $50, monthly L2 is $60 and L3 is $80. In this case you still get the remainder of the $97.

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More codes

For me, I offer the full discount codes because:

  1. I live in hope that one day, I will get a secondary referral. (no, just kidding, I have gotten a few!)
  2. I was referred by a friend at work, so he’s getting lots of secondary referrals. As an update of what I said in another thread, I’m now up to the “free dinner” level of karma.
  3. I want people to get the best deal. I kinda figure that people who have done the legwork and come here to research DreamHost should get the best deals. It’s slightly off topic but I’m kinda hoping that one day soon my little website will be high enough on the search engines to ensure that people don’t have to use “inferior” codes.

If you have trouble finding the older threads, I’d be happy to help out and give you the search terms if you get frustrated. :slight_smile:

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I still get $2 per signup. It’s certainly not much… but it took me 5 minutes to setup… I’m the kind of guy who likes helping people on forums, so it seemed to make sense to throw it in my signature and see if I got any hits. And yeah, I’ve gotten some secondary referrals too.

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I don’t really get anything but it does help other people. I feel like I owe it to DreamHost… They shouldn’t be kept a secret :slight_smile:

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