To DreamHost : acting the fool is not a winning card!

I solved my problem myself without your help. You are liars , there is no support , just a robots Waltz. I host four sites with Dreamhost . The two I have activated fail to use the WordPress function wp_mail . One uses only the files and the default Wordpress theme : the explanation therefore can not be a conflict of plugins or improper theme.

I tested the functioning of wp_mail with a script found on this site : Mails are not sent. I think it is clear Dreamhost has blocked the function. They do not even read the messages you send: for them my domain is blocked ( by Martians perhaps? ). They have the server logs : I only sent a few emails on my Hotmail account for a test.

Besides, if I can exchange messages using my domain webmail, : that means that I am not blacklisted ! I finally came to pass my mails configuring an SMTP server. without . … and it is not thanks to Dreamhost. They just sent me a message telling me that there has never been a problem since I started sendig some mails.

It turnsout that I am still in may trial period , I am seriously considering to get refund.

mail sent from webmail originates from your mail servers IP. mail sent from the webserver originates from the webservers IP. the webservers IP is probably whats on one or more RBL’s. The quickest workaround is exactly what you did, configure smtp so that the mail is actually sent from your mail server’s IP.

I encountered the same problem with Godaddy. Everything worked fine until a few days ago and without smtp server. I had what they call a “Deluxe Hosting”? This yet another problem was the one that makes me leave. Their customer service is highly specialized in evading issues. They never recognize that there is a problem. After a few days or a few weeks, they let you know that they make you an exceptional courtesy by ending the troubles.

The customer care of Dreamhost is expressed by this answer (same tone for other mails). They are saying : Thank you for informing us that we have maybe a problem, but your trouble do not concern us !!


This is just a notification that your message has been moved to our mail blocks queue. This queue is information that our abuse staff uses to determine who is blocking us, why we are being blocked, and at around what time period we are being blocked. Your ticket will be used for information purposes only in helping us get the block removed. You may not receive a response, but you will be instrumental in helping us get this issue resolved faster. Thank you for your mail block report.
The DreamHost Ticket Moving Robot!


Please excuse me if I don’t fully understand your mail problem. I’m not sure if this applies to you…

Make sure the “From (address)” is a from a fully-hosted domain on my server. otherwise it wouldn’t send. I had issues with php mail send when I tried to use a client’s current email from an off site as the “from”.

Hope you get this straightened out soon.

I used an email from my fully hosted domain for ‘From’ an « Reply ». It did not work until I switched to SMTP.
Thank you