To be or not to be a customer here?

Hi everybody. First of all escuse my english because i don’t know it very well…but I will try to do my best. So:
I was reading on the internet opinions about Dreamhost. Some of them was bad, very bad, but some of them was very very good. I want to make a website about architecture, but i will not speak more about that because i will not finish until tommorrow :slight_smile:
I want to make a “web hosting” account but i am a little afraid. Why? Because I don’t want to make everything, uploading and the other things, and after that to receive an e-mail with a simply “account disabled” or something like that. So, my questions are:

  1. It could happen to get closed my account without any notifying (at least to have time to make a backup on my pc), even i presume that it will not be my fault.
  2. I will be the single one who can enter on admin panel? I am asking that because I am in Cyprus and my brother is in Romania and a want to know if he can login to put his own websites and all of that.
  3. If I am making the “web hosting” account - at 8.95 $ per month - i wil be charged for something else?
  4. What kind of content is legal to put on my websites (in the future…)?
    Something else… i don’t know… I hope that i will receive corect answers and i hope that everything is gonna be ok, because i am planning to spend a lot of time on dreamhost.
  5. If i will put a website like …facebook (social network) there will be problems? Downtimes or something like that? ( I am saying that because, if the site will grow and i could start to make money from it, of course, i will change the plan using VPS hosting or dedicated (i dont know yet the differences.).

If i will have more questions in my mind i will ask…until then… Thank you very much and am waiting an answer.

Aurel - Lucian Garceava
Techinian Designer
Oh… and if you will tell me to start a trial period, in my opinion is a little bit weird because what can i do in 2 weeks? Just to get familiar with the admin panel…something else? I will not have 100 visitors to see if there are problems or not :smiley: I don’t know…I am just saying.

If your account is closed due to late payment, you will receive warning emails few weeks before the due date and you will have plenty of time to backup your servers.

If your account is closed because you break the TOS, you will not have a chance to log into your account any more.

It is my understanding that you want to give your brother access to upload files to your domain. If so, you only need to create a FTP account for your brother.

Yes, that is all you need to pay.

It is all explained on the TOS page. If you are not sure, always ask DH support first.

Don’t forget that you are on a shared server. A website like facebook is database entensive. It will survive at the beginning but will definitely suffer performance issue when it grows. A VPS or dedicated server will be your choice when your site is mature.

In what circumstances can this happen without prior dialogue with the customer? (Which I think is what the OP is mainly asking about).

The problem is (as I understand it) that there is no way for a customer with a closed account to contact dreamhost (there is no phone number).

Suppose I am on holiday for a week without email, and during that time a hacker breaks in to my account and uploads illegal content.

Dreamhost presumably emails me and demands that I fix the problem, and gives me 3 days (I’m guessing here, please can someone correct the figures). I do not reply (not having seen the email) so they close the account.

I come back from holiday after a week, find my account closed and no way to contact dreamhost. Is that possible?

I would be very happy to hear the dreamhost will disable the websites but not actually close the account until it is obvious that the customer is not cooperating.

Please say that!

@tomtavoy: Very good question. I just wanted to ask too about that.

If you break the TOS and the account is closed, you won’t have access to DH panel any more. You can still contact DH support via their support form.

[quote=“tomtavoy, post:3, topic:54392”]I would be very happy to hear the dreamhost will disable the websites but not actually close the account until it is obvious that the customer is not cooperating.

Please say that!

The account will be “closed”, however I have noticed in the past that users who have had accounts closed have indeed been able to get their data back. No promises (I don’t work for DreamHost) but they are a good bunch and if you are truly blameless (and they will check) then I believe they’d likely help you reclaim your website data.

Keep in mind the people at DreamHost are pros who have seen and heard it all. Don’t think for a second that you can pull the wool over their eyes. Bottom line is if you step out of line then you’ll be shown the door very swiftly.

I would take a look at my recent post

I am very happy with them so far.

Count yourself lucky then. Take a look at their latest status updates

I am also a happy customer of DH. If your site goes down unexpectedly they really pays for that! But i feel the upgrades are slightly costlier.

Overall good rating to DH!