Tired and Stumped in PHP (Include Statements)

Heyya All,

Need a little help this late night. I am working on some updates to our order system and I am trying to modularize a section of the code that sets the prices for things and imports quantities, etc on various pages so I do not have to update in multiple locations all the time.

the first page

http://www.flipstick.us/text/orderprocess.txt (orderprocess.php)

is the page that gets the POST variables and processes them into a confirmation page for the user to double check. In this page, I was able to rip out the code and place it in a file called

http://www.flipstick.us/text/prices.txt (prices.php)

obviously I have changes these to text files so you can all read them, they are all php files in the correct places. This works just fine so long as I also include the <?php ?> in the prices.php file. If I do not it just appears as a blob of text despite being in a php enclosure inside orderprocess.php already.

Now on to the real problem.

http://www.flipstick.us/text/ordersubmit.txt (ordersubmit.php)

This file uses the same chunck of code as you can see. I have it physically in the file now. I have tried two ways to remove it, one it to replace it with the same include you see in orderprocess.php and that results in nothing processing that requires the prices file. Or to include a version of prices.php that does not have the <?php ?> included at the start and end, then the shipping prices computes, but nothing else does.

As a side note as well. the orderprocess.php is a mix of html and php code, while ordersubmit.php is pure php and simply passes you to another page when you are done.

Any ideas or help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks All


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