TinyURL system for your website

TinyURL system - your own private TinyURL system for your website.

TopHat Stuff GO! System http://go.tophatstuff.co.uk

Hi, why can’t I get this TinyURL system to work ? http://go.tophatstuff.co.uk

I have tryed to set i up on www.LiH2.com but I can’t get it to work
and I did follow the Instructions http://go.tophatstuff.co.uk/doc/instructions

I’m the only one who can’t get it to work ?

If you know a better free TinyURL program, please post it !

I haven’t installed it on Dreamhost but this looks like it’ll do the trick for you


I use Shorty myself. Works great on Dreamhost.

Hi thanks.

I got it to work.

I did set it up on a sub domain instead of a folder under the domain

and that did the trick.