Timezone issue?


The time within Wordpress is not displaying correctly. I am trying to schedule posts to automatically publish and having the timezone off is a real pain.

I live in Seattle. Inside of settings I choose Los Angeles as my timezone and when I do it tells me local time is 2 hours AHEAD of where I am (it’s 12:46PM now and the local time is telling me 14:46).

Oddly, when I set this via manual offset I need to choose UTC-9 to get it to be correct (at least this is internally consistent).

As a matter of fact UTC time is off by 2 hours. The same settings page is showing 21:46 when a UTC webpage is showing me 19:46.

Please help


What domain is this for? The one I see as active on your account isn’t running WP (and FWIW, I checked the date on the server and it’s correct). I see that you have Drupal running. Does it have a WP module in there? Maybe it’s picking up the time from that?

I acutally had the problem when I was using postie. I don’t know what happened but it was rather anoying. i had to set my offset to gmt-8 if I remember correctly as it would try and post yesterday. I’m not exactly sure it is fixed as right now my website is very broken wiht wordpress and power press.

Good luck. and hope you got the problem fixed.