Timeouts on Scotch?

What’s going on? I’ve had a downtime of over 5 minutes on all my sites then after they came up - they went right down again. This is so disappointing! I’ve been a real fan of DH but lately, I’ve just been disappointed.


My sites (on absinthe) are down as well, although I continue to get email. I’ve already an email to support.

Simon Jessey
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Well, hopefully yours are up now. Mine are but who knows for how long. It used to be that I referred people to DH and I wasn’t even signed up for any referral fees. I was just so happy with them. But not any more. No longer will I refer people to DH. I wonder how many site visitors I get a month that are greeted with a blank page or a timeout. This is ridiculous.

Indeed they are.My experience differs from yours. I expect a bit of downtime from a low-cost web hosting company, but I have found DreamHost to do rather better than most. I rarely experience downtime of any significance, and I don’t hesitate in referrering friends and clients.

Simon Jessey
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That’s exactly the way I used to feel.

Well I’ve been here since June '04, so I think I’ve been here long enough to get a pretty good feel of how things are. I can’t really complain, especially for the money I’m paying.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

I’ve been here a little longer than you. I thought I had a pretty good feel of how things were but it just doesn’t seem that way lately. I’m not trying to be disagreeable…it’s just the way I feel.


I’ve been with DreamHost since March 2000, I’ve always been pretty impressed with them as my web-host. I personally have never used any other company for hosting. However, I have worked with some of the others and I can tell you that DreamHost is definitely the best in my books. The best thing about DreamHost has to be the attitude, every-time I need to send a support request (no host is perfect) I receive a quick professional here is the problem reply. Then there is the whole suggestions tab, no other hosts really listen to customer suggestions and have the knowledge to do something about. Most just have their cpanel or plesk and can’t do all the things that DreamHost can.

Recently things haven’t been great, support has been overwhelmed from the looks of things, there weren’t that many feature requests implemented, the boards weren’t swarming with helpful DreamHost personnel, and it just seemed that there were smaller issues (e.g. Neo couldn’t connect to scratchy some of the time. Flipper had some issues)

In the last two weeks it has been complete turnaround, the boards have had posts by Jeff, Dallas, Nate and Josh. Which is great because we actually have an idea what is going on when something isn’t working or what DreamHost is trying to do which I’m sure makes everyone feel much better. The suggestions (you should advertise this more), are actually being implemented. Here is what has been implemented in the last week, probably missing one or two:

disk quotas - now show a percentage and if you are close to reaching your quota they display in red.
suggestions voting area - now has vote for/vote against
wiki.dreamhost - w00t :smiley:


I am on absinthe and cannot access my domains. I submitted a ticket to the help desk almost three hours ago.

still no response.

Like I said, I was happy until recently when it seemed there was either an email problem, websites slow/timing out or database problems. I’m glad to hear there’s been a turnaround and I hope it continues.

BTW… the sites are still timing out. :frowning:


I must agree that Dreamhost is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The last host I was with didn’t have any tech support on hand over night - if something went down past 8pm you were just out of luck till someone showed up the next morning.

Then when I needed to send in a support ticket becuase somethign wasn’t working, enless other customers had also complained they’d tell you nothing is wrong. “it’s working for every one else, it must be your problem”

Or, once a host up and left town. All my data, my money - just gone. Their domain went out with all of my stuff, support E-mails got returned… I even tried contacting the guy via the WHOIS info. Nada - ever

So yeah, our sites may go out once in a while. sometimes E-mail doesn’t work for a bit. The Panel and this forum were down and out for a short time earlier this evenning, but all in all Dreamhost is very good. No computer is perfect - you can’t expect it to work all of the time. They have to reboot once in a while. Just think, at least it not like a Windows 98 computer - A good day was when you only had to reboot twice during the work day.

And something else that I’ve allways thought strange, at least here in the US, is that you have to go to school and get a lincinse to be able to cut someone’s hair - but there are absolutly no regulations about who can write code. (which is a great thing!) There is no mandatory testing hardware manufactures have to put thier stuff through. Any group of wackos can get togeather and start up a hosting company… And as a society in the last 5 years we’ve come to rely on E-mail as a necessary part of every day life. But five years isn’t hardly enough time to devolpe one truly stable computer program - not to mention devolping communication standards, E-mail server programing, client programs, etc. Ask some of the computer industry veterans and they’ll tell you about doing bug chekcs on computers the size of an exec’s office - searching to see if a cockroach had gotten himself killed and was shorting out a connection.

I remember not too long ago that this crazy new idea started. Something people called the Information Superhighway. It turned out to be a new swing on an old idea, but it took over the world. And in only a few short years we can’t live though the day if a computer isn’t perfectly stable.

So yeah, computers arn’t prefect, and DH isn’t either. But they’re sure getting better and better all the time!



I’ve been with them for a few years and have been very impressed, but I do agree with others here that they seem to be going downhill a bit.

Since Friday afternoon I’ve been having email problems, only getting a couple here and there. I’ve verified that other people have sent me email I’m not receiving, and sent myself several from other accounts, which I’m not receiving.

I opened a trouble ticket and after 24 hours with no response, I opened a second one last night, still not a word from them. To me thats pretty inexcusable. I’m a network admin and I understand that things go wrong, I just don’t like being kept in the dark about it. My status page shows everything is up and working, and has been for weeks.

When I check for responses on my trouble tickets I see the open trouble ticket counter going higher and higher. Something big must be going on, just wish they would send an announcement and let us know.