Timeout upon Checkout

So, I have a site where I run expression engine and sell t-shirts online. I’m a screenprinter, and I made shirts to sell & give the profits to schools destroyed in Moore, Oklahoma during the recent tornado.

However, my site today has been going incredibly slow, and when it does work, everyone is getting timed out during checkout. One went through, out of about 30 attempts. I’ve got a lot of excitement around this project, and I’m missing out on a lot of money I could get to people in need right now.

the page is Mt Zion Press

I’ve got screenshots of about half a dozen people showing me what’s going on, time outs, and sometimes a 503 if people don’t give up first.

I sent a ticket, and got a reply that there are no ‘server wide issues’, but I know I have no bandwidth cap, and since one single person made it through (I can’t) that my code is working.

Any thoughts?

I got the server changed, it’s the lowest account - I don’t think it was bandwidth, but maybe it was RAM/CPU usage on the shared server? how can I look up these stats so I can know if I need to upgrade?

You could try the CPU report for the user and check the stats for the domain. Panel > Status