Timeout from my dreampress website

Hello, for a few weeks I have been having blocking problems at the firewall level or something else when publishing notes in my wordpress, to publish them I use open live writer (xmlrpc.php).
At first I didn’t really know what it is, but now I can recreate the problem whenever I want.

By publishing 2 notes, the third time the server blocks me and cuts off web and SSH access to the server, after an hour, everything comes back and I can repeat the same thing.

Do any of you have this same problem?

I haven’t used that software, but it sounds like fail2ban is being triggered somehow. Fail2ban monitors site logs and will temporarily block IPs that produce too many errors.

You might check your site’s logs (/home/<user>/logs/...) to see if the blogging software is producing unusual numbers of errors.

I also think that is the problem. Unfortunately I can only see the logs of the http service and it does not indicate anything, because fail2ban blocks before one uses the http service.
It is the only log file I can see with dreampress

Ah, I was hoping the logs would show some identifiable aberration – like multiple 4xx-5xx
error codes on the xmlrpc.php URL, just before you were blocked.

Anyway, since you can reproduce the problem, then maybe DH support can help track down the issue.

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