Time Out Errors



I’ve noticed that when I often provide links to users to visit portions of my website (stoldark.com) they time out consistently and are unable to access the domain at all. The same occurs when providing them an IP instead of the domain name.

This has been going on for at least a few weeks now. I checked the emergency status page (http://status.dreamhost.com/) and noticed that Dreamhost was having DNS issues a while ago - this might account for the problem but was wondering if anyone else has experienced problems to this degree?




Welcome to the club.



Interesting. My problems are not in any way related to speed issues, I have found my access time to be great.

It’s almost as if a major route or backbone between certain users and dreamhost sites are just… broken. I’ll be accessing my page while someone else is telling me they can’t even resolve the domain.


I’ve had this problem too. A handful of people have reported to me that not a single domain hosted on my server can resolve. They work for everybody else, but not them. Weird.