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Having a weird issue. Our email servers have been hosted by Dreamhost for 15ish years, and we’ve never had a problem until yesterday.

Suddenly, out of the blue, we are unable to send or receive emails from any of our Dreamhost-hosted servers on our local network. Regardless of which computer on the network we use (we have four) or if we use smart phones connected to the network (we’ve tried Android and iPhones), and regardless of what email application we use, we get the same result.We can get/receive email on Gmail and outlook.com servers.

Everything is configured within Thunderbird as it should be: imap.dreamhost.com, our proper usernames and passwords (which all worked two days ago), using port 993 to send, using SSL/TLS with a password, but it times out.

We made no changes to our network until today, when in an attempt to solve this problem I completely replaced the router. Same exact result. Rebooting the router doesn’t solve the issue. Rebooting the computers doesn’t solve the issue. Rebooting the modem doesn’t solve the issue. Waving burning sage at the computers doesn’t solve the issue.

The router is set to open ports 993, 143, and 587.

Yet, every time I try to check my email, I get “Connecting to imap.dreamhost.com…” followed by “Connection to server mail.twilightmd.com timed out.”

If I take my laptop home to my home network, it works just fine.

I know this isn’t strictly a “dreamhost” issue, but it’s only the Dreamhost-hosted servers that are throwing these errors, and I have done literally everything I can think of to make it work. I’m hoping maybe someone here has seen/resolved this issue or something like it, or maybe can think of something that hasn’t occurred to me.

My wife said they had a similar issue at her office and the IT guy had to fix some kind of “google app” that was running or something that resolved the issue. (Clearly, she is not an IT professional.) I suppose it’s possible there is some Google background process that has been updated and introduced bugs . . . but I haven’t been able to find anything out about it.

Ideas? Suggestions? The name of a good arsonist?


FOLLOW-UP: It seems that for some reason, Dreamhost was blocking my IP address from its email servers, even though they claimed they were not. It took some convincing, but I finally talked my ISP into assigning me a new static IP address, and suddenly everything started working just fine,.


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