Time for DNS Propogation

This is my first time using a proper web host with a proper domain. It’s been about 7 days since I received my various automated mails with my registration confirmation and ftp access information.

So far my domain, slashproofproductions.com, comes up not found. http://www.whatsmydns.net/ returns all X’s. It is coming up as registered when I whois it however.

As far as FTP goes, I can log in using the jasper.dreamhost.com address but not slashproofproductions.com. I’ve tried both a standalone FTP client and through the webFTP in the control panel with the same results. The domain name folder and default quickstart.html landing page are there but I can’t seem to get to them outside of viewing/dl’ing via FTP.

Not sure if there’s something I’m simply missing, I’m being a bit impatient, or if there’s an actual configuration issue I need to contact support about.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it.

Go to manage domains in the panel, make sure the listing for that says “Fully Hosted” in the “web hosting” column of the “Manage Domains” page in the panel. then click the “Edit” button right under that. On the next page just click the save changes button (you don’t actually have to make a change).

then go back to “manage domains” page and click the DNS link under the domain name. On the next page there will be a “go” button to refresh the DNS that domain.

DNS propagation usually goes pretty quick for brand new domain, but updates take a little longer, usually 12-24 hours, but maybe longer worldwide. Yours appears it will be a change because the name does resolve in DNS it just doesn’t point anywhere.

Using dreamhosts nameservers your domain is resolving with an A record on ns2.dreamhost.com only.

I did that for you just now. Whois shows the correct info, so I kicked it for you.

Thank you both.

I’ll give it a day or so and see if things resolve.

WHOIS results have nothing to do with whether or not anything is setup for hosting.

If it wasn’t resolved by now then waiting longer won’t help it resolve. The problem is that the DreamHost Nameservers are totally oblivious to the actual location of the domain.

This is the part that needs to be checked:

^ Just that bit.

Panel > Domains > Manage Domains

If slashproofproductions.com is not listed, then Add the domain as Fully Hosted.

If slashproofproductions.com is listed then click Edit and click the Change settings button on the following page and then give it a couple of hours to resolve.

If you’ve already done the above, then the records are simply not being transferred from Panel and set up in DreamHost DNS, in which case you will require someone at DreamHost who knows about technical matters to look into it. If this is the case I’d suggest that you begin any ticket clarifying that the issue should be handled by a staff member who can comprehend the matter.

Thanks for the reply.

I was hoping it was something simple I’d overlooked but I guess an email to support is in order.

Looks like the DNS records got stuck somewhere on our end as they were being processed. So sorry for that! One of our techs pushed an update for them, and emailed you about that not too long ago. Now it’s just a matter of propagation. Sorry again for the inconvenience - I know it must have been frustrating :confused: If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to reply to our email. Thanks!

Was hosted at Network Solutions but after setting up account in Dreamhost, my domain moved with no unlocking, transfer time, nameserver changes, etc. The domain automatically showed up with a dreamhost with no dns or propagation time. Was it magic or am I very confused? Is that the difference in the process from transferring the hosting of a domain to transferring the registration?

There are 2 different functions that are often confused.

Registration transfer – this transfers the domain registration from one registrar to another. This is who you pay each time the domain registration expires (and who should be reminding you the domain is soon to expire). (note: transferring the registration shouldn’t necessarily change the nameservers.)

Nameservers change – In its simplest form, this determines where the domain is being hosted. If you change the nameservers, hosting moves but that doesn’t change where the domain is registered.

Anytime there is a change of namesservers there must be “propagation”. However how long propagation takes could be anywhere from “seconds” to 72 hours… average is probably a couple hours. There are several factors that affect this, TTL (time to live) being the greatest. At dreamhost we have no access to our domains TTL settings.

You can check both who the registrar of a domain is, and the nameserver settings by using a WHOIS service. Oddly enough the one I use most often is network solutions: http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/index.jsp The header of the domain record will indicate who the registrar is, further down usually near the bottom you will find the domains nameserver settings.