Anyone know what the deal is in the support department? I’ve got two tickets that have gone unanswered, one is over 11 days old now, its insane.

Did you mark them as high priority? You might consider opening a ticket with high priority inquiring about the status of your two previous tickets.

I’d guess that an 11 day old ticket slipped through the cracks and needs to be resubmitted.

What is the problem you’re having? If it’s something that’s not support-related, like third-party scripts, code help, etc… maybe that’s why it hasn’t been replied to–but even then, I think they usually reply to say they don’t support it, or send you to the wiki.

Other than falling through the cracks, or being something outside of what support covers, abusive language is the only other thing I can think of that could cause it to be ignored.

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Of course, I could be wrong here, but I strongly suspect that somehow this ticket fell through the cracks; I have never known Dreamhost to completely ignore a ticket, or for it to take 11 days to receive a response.

I’d submit it again, with a note regardng when it was originally submitted.


Ironically, I actually got a response to the ticket later that day. All sorted and happy now, had my databases moved to a new server and its lightning quick now, no transaction failures (as of yet, anyway) and I’m very happy all around again :slight_smile: