Thunderbird -> sent mail folder?


Hello all,

I have been using Thunderbird for some time at home, but the sent mail stays on a folder on that computer. As you might imagine, this folder is getting a bit big, and deleting isn’t always an option since I use it for work.

In T-Bird’s settings it looks like there is a way to have sent mail copied to the server, but I don’t know the correct settings. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
Never mind, I think I figured it out.
Edit/Account Settings/Copies & Folders/[x] place a copy in/[x] other/Sent on

Seems to be working.


You point to a problem with most email clients. They do not automatically link local folders to server folders when you set up an IMAP account. This is a troubling deficiency, because it means that people risk losing the messages they expected to save if they switch to a different computer, and the messages don’t sync except for the Inbox.