Thunderbird: Saving outgoing messages on server

Hi! Just starting out with DreamHost here, and have a question regarding email.

I’ve been using Thunderbird and gmail for many years with a POP3 configuration. Any message I send from Thunderbird gets stored in my Sent folder on the gmail server.

That isn’t happening with my new DH account. Outgoing messages are stored in my local Thunderbird folder, but I’d like them to also be stored on the server, for safekeeping. I prefer a POP3 config over IMAP, as I often need to work offline.

What do I need to do to make this work? Thanks for your help!

the easiest thing to do is use IMAP. I’m not a TB user but there should be a setting for download full messages, probably options labeled “get headers” or :“get header and body”. The be sure to configure your sent folder to be the folder on the server… try “sent” first and if that doesn’t work try “inbox.sent” for the server folder name. In most mail clients you can also set the drafts and trash folders to reside on the server as well.

Hopefully another TB user will chime in with the correct settings if you can’t easily see them. there’s always google too =]

You can test using webmail to make sure messages are showing up in the correct folders on the server.