Thumbnails not created (.jpg only)

For several years I have a site running at DreamHost using vBulletin software (3.8.4)).

No problems until yesterday while all of a sudden thumbnails are no longer created with GD when uploading .jpg images. Other formats, like .png, still work fine.

Rebuilding the thumbnails with vBulletin software ruined all existing .jpg thumbnails.

I haven’t changed any settings that may have caused the error (site was running problemfree). Has DreamHost changed server settings? Or are there any other ideas that can bring a solution?

Is your server one of the 150 that was upgraded last night?

… most likely. Have to check.

Working with ImageMagick as an alternative way to create thumbnails now. This works on the new server.

@LakeRat: thanks for the link as I didn’t know the site was going to be upgraded.

Thanks for that Selespeed. It would also be nice if you could post the URL so others would find it helpful as well.