Throttling turned on prematurely


One of my sites just went down and the web panel says it’s been throttled. I had bandwidth throttling turned on and set to 20GB. The web panel says it has only hit 4.5. (http)
Now Throttled! (20 GB)
1354.26 MB
150.473 MB
4514.200 MB

Why did the throttling switch on? I have turned it off for the time being.

Anyone else having this problem?

yeah, all of my sites are now throttled.
They are all set to stop at 5gig and none have gone over 200meg.


My guess is they set the time wrong like to 2007 or something therefore it calculated your current usage and when it is expected to start a new cycle like to 2007.

I’m glad to see that this isn’t just happening to me. I got a message from the DH server telling me I’d used “9795090679 GB in the first 19 days of this cycle”. I just about had a heart attack.

Actual numbers in the control panel seem fine. Is it safe to de-throttle?

I’d just let them handle it to be sure.

hehe yeah even slashdot do that.

me too, but the site is not actually “throttled”, I made a subdomain for one 15 minute Video and gave it 30GB, I’ve never come close, but today got this message:

"[i]You requested to have your domain “throttled” when its usage for this
billing cycle was about to reach 30 GB.

Since you have used 5831498267 GB in the first 23 days of this cycle, it
follows that most likely you would exceed your limit within one day.[/i]

5831498267 GB!


"Our apologies… there was a bug in our bandwidth calculation that
just occured and we accidentally reported your usage in BYTES instead of
GIGA bytes!

We’ve corrected the bug now and un-throttled your site immediately.

Our apologies for this error and the needless worry, we promise it won’t
happen again.

The Unhappy DreamHost Overthrottling Team."

hehehe :slight_smile:

Are all of ya’lls sites still down?

All of them are still down. I could fix them but i’m afraid DH might also fix them therefore I’d rather worry about it in the morning :slight_smile:

This should be fixed.

it should be, but it’s not for mine. I will wait for them to contact me. I hate to lose sales over this.

It was fixed shortly after 8pm PT. My site was down for nearly four hours…