Throttling cached ram for VPS WP build

I got a VPS two days ago. My cached memory crept up to 664MB. I’d like to keep it lower so I can stay within a 1000MB plan.

Could someone point me to a walkthrough for lowering my memory cache?

My WP caches are all set to disk. I expect that the only ram caching is pagespeed, which is working really well otherwise.

I have set up servers before on a desktop but not on a virtual server. The pagespeed config file wasn’t where the google documentation said it would be.

I expect lots of people have done this before me here but the Wiki doesn’t cover it. Any help, pointing to resources would be appreciated.

As I understand it your cache will attempt to use any available space.

Check out PS Manager created by another dreamhost user:
it will solve your problem and help you lower your monthly cost.

Thank you, LakeRat. I appreciate the information. I’ll look into the dynamic manager.