Three Questions about Domains and Blogging

I currently have a blog hosted through Blogger ( that has its own custom domain ( The domain name is hosted by Dreamhost, but the blog content is hosted through Blogger. However, I’ve customized the domain’s DNS records to point to the blog.

I’m now creating a new website ( which will be fully-hosted through DreamHost, and I want to move my blog over to the domain name In addition, I want to change my blog CMS from Blogger to Wordpress.

Here are three questions I have:

  1. I want the domain name to forward to right now, even before I do anything else with What’s the best way to do this?

  2. I want to transition my blog from Blogger to Wordpress and host it at I’ve played around a little with Wordpress’s Blogger import feature, and I think it will work just fine in terms of importing my posts and comments. My question though is this: as I design the new blog ( is there any way I can constantly import posts I make to my current blog ( Wordpress’s import feature allows an instantaneous import of all past posts and comments. But by the time I finally finish designing the new blog, there will probably be many more new posts from my old blog on Blogger. As far as I can tell, you can’t import individual posts and comments. So what’s the best way to “mirror” new posts from during the design process of

  3. How, through DreamHost, do you work on a new website and test it without the site being accessed publically? I want to work on and but I don’t want those sites to go live yet.

Thanks for any and all help!