Thoughts on html links inconsistently working?


I could use some insights. I am a new DreamHost user and relatively new to html (1 course) with an HTML website.

This HTML website was operational on my personal drive. Upon loading via webFTP some, not all of the links are inoperaable.

I’ve verified the code and the same file worked in another hosting service. In fact in some cases, the same link is operational on the same page (one w an image) and same one in a table. The one above the image is operational, the one in the table is not in DreamHost yet is operational in other environments.

Does anyone have any ideas?


HTML code is what it is. Easy to have simple errors in there as a newbie.
An extra space, a dot a forgotten <> all breaks the code.
If you send us your webpage we can have a look and tell you what is wrong.

Anyway it has nothing to do with dreamhost, just your html-code.


Thanks for your reply. This is the code for the problem page (index.htm )
The problem links are the reservation information link and the Covered bridge museum and Stout links in the bottom table. Oddly the link destinations are also associated with the images at the top of the page and those are operational. The contact us link too works fine.

Can you share the reasoning why the code would be operational on my c drive and in another host, yet not here? These were the same files sent through webFTP.
Thank you for your kind offer.

<title>Perkasie Historical Society</title>
<meta name="description" content="Perkasie Historical Society, helps to preserve Perkasie history with four historic
 venues: the South Perkasie Covered Bridge, the Perkasie Carousel, Perkasie Museum and the Stout Family Cemetery." />
#wrapper{ width:960px; margin:0 auto; border: solid 1px #fe9900; } #header { background-color: #044305; color: white; text-align:center; } #nav { background-color: #fff571; text-align: center; } #main { }
    <h1 style="margin:0">Perkasie Historical Society</h1>
 <table style="width: 100%" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2">
<td style="width: 25%"><a href="Bridge.htm">South Perkasie Covered Bridge</a></td>

<td style="width: 25%"><a href="Carousel.htm">Perkasie Carousel</a></td>

<td style="width: 25%"><a href="Museum.htm">Perkasie Museum</a></td>

<td style="width: 25%"><a href="Stout.htm">Stout Family Cemetery</a></td>
<!-- Main content division -->
Perkasie Historical Society body{ text-align:center; }

covered bridge Carousel Museum Stout

Perkasie Historical Society, founded in 1954, strives to help preserve the history of Perkasie Borough. Perkasie is located approximately 40 miles north of Philadelphia. This volunteer organization relies on the support of the community as it cares for the four historic venues: the South Perkasie Covered Bridge, the Perkasie Carousel, Perkasie Museum and the Stout Family Cemetery.

All are welcome to attend our carousel openings, meetings, and other community activities.


The Perkasie Historical Society has regular dinner meetings featuring a speaker or program.

Reservations are necessary. Reservation information

Meeting Date and Time Topic Speaker
March 6, 2012 6:30 PM Our Lost Tohickon Valley, Life & Land Before Lake Nockamixon Marjorie Fulp and Pamela Varkony
April 3, 2012 6:30 PM Quilts of the Underground Railroad Ruth Keiser
May 1, 2012 6:30 PM Hobo Culture National Hobo Queen Betty Roberto
June 5, 2012 6:30 PM BBQ at the carousel (additional fee required)


Membership dues of $5.00 per year, are used to maintain our projects and host community activities. Contact information

Perkasie Historical Sites

The Perkasie Historical Society is fortunate to preserve multiple sites within the borough

Historic Site Location More Information
South Perkasie Covered Bridge Lenape Park Covered Bridge information
Perkasie Carousel Menlo Park Perkasie Carousel information
Perkasie Museum 513 West Walnut Street Perkasie Museum information
Stout Family Cemetery 8th and Chestnut Street Stout Family Cemetery information
[hr] Some additional information: When the specific "problem links" are clicked, an error page "Page not found" appears stating a need to check the path, or page has been removed or to navigate back a page. Sometimes you are taken to and Net Asistant.


I’m assuming you have this on a test site somewhere on dreamhost? I tried to google and only found a google hosted site. If you could give us a link to your test site it might help us better understand the problem.


Yes, this is the liink I’ve beenusing to view the site:

Reservations and the links positioned in the table are the problems.

The Google site was created by a previous webmaster and is being refreshed with this approach.
Thanks again for your help


The links appear to be working now.
Thanks for your help!