Those m1234567 email login names


Hello …

The August 2005 Happy DreamHost Newsletter said this of the upgrade to Debian SARGE:

“[…] I HEAR this is a good thing that will result in the ability for us to install lots more updated versions of various software packages, which in turn will enable us to add a lot of cool features including perhaps some day […] bringing to an end the m######## mailbox logins!”

Is DreamHost anywhere near “bringing to an end the m######## mailbox logins”, or was I duped by the author’s hyperbolic narrative style into believing in a pipe dream? (The Wiki describes the inconvenience of the shared DH namespace, but it gives no real indication that a Better Way is coming.)

The thing is, I want to recommend DH to others --in particular, a school or two-- but this solitary issue prevents me from doing so. I know from working as a school IT Guy that the existence of both a “real” account name and this cryptic “m1234567” login name is just confusing enough to cause chaos with tech-unsavvy teachers and administrators (who will usually have to configure their email clients at home themselves).

Of course, from time to time, the issue is annoying for me personally, so I’d like to have it eliminated for purely selfish reasons.

Just curious about what (if anything) is happening in this area …



It is one of the aspects which can seem very confusing when setting up the DreamHost account. It certainly confused me at first. But now I just set my focus on using the mxxx name and a password whereas before I always went down the username/password path. I’ve not found any real problem with my email clients now that I am used to the mxxx system.

I suppose I am getting used to the mxxx method now since at least it is one less ‘name’ to create as the os does it for me.

I suppose DreamHost will eventually move away from the mxxx system but I just wonder how, or if, they will carry out the switch over. Or, will they just run a two-tier system?



is there a fix to this issue? Is there any way to go around it?


You can create your accounts using a proper ‘user’.

Create your user from ‘manage users’ and select ‘no email please’ on the next screen drop down (Select email address) and edit your quota using the [edit] button on the users list, if required.

Add the mail user from manage addresses,create new address of

Leave the ‘will be delivered to these email addresses:’ blank and then select the user you created earlier from the ‘mailbox login’ dropdown.

Put the same user name into the ‘New mailbox “Name”’ and the password you used to create the user into the password boxes. Press ‘create address’

That will create a mailbox proper with a login/password and an ftp/ssh account if desired.

That is how I move my old domains over from other hosting accounts where I want to maintain the old user/password setup.
Just remember when filling in the boxes just use the initially selected username and password all the way through. So if you select a user ‘abc123’ then use this in all the non password boxes, then you will not get confused with different names and passwords.

You can always change or delete things later.