This site can't be reached errors

My users and I have been getting random ERR_FAILED This site can’t be reached errors for well over a month now.

At first, Dreamhost support thought it was an issue on their end. However, after this was fixed, the error persisted. Dreamhost support then said it was a Chrome issue and now seems to be disineterested in determining the issue, even when provided screenshots from customers.

My users and I don’t get this error with any other web sites.

Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, how did you fix it?

Thank you!

I was getting random 500/503 but that escalated to the sites being unable to connect to the DB server at all two days ago, all of my sites have been completely offline and inaccessible for that time. DreamHost has indicated that they will do absolutely nothing about it until Monday, at which time they’ll have a look-see to tell if it’s worth their time to keep tinkering with it before implementing some sort of planned upgrade, god knows when. And that’s IF they feel the problem isn’t solved - considering my sites being completely offline for two days qualifies as “fixed” to them we are starting a donation drive to try to find real hosting. The following is from my open ticket:


My sites have been intermittently down since at least midnight, complaining about timeouts connecting to the server. Meanwhile i have had some success connecting to the DB server via phpmyadmin and the command line though for a period of about two hours last night phpmyadmin complained that mysqld had been started in read only mode and would not accept any writes.

Any insight as to what is going on would be greatly appreciated!


My apologies for the delay in our update. Our network and datacenter operations teams still are working to address the current situation regarding the random 500/503 errors as a result of errors within our internal network.

Currently our teams have implemented a short term solution to increase capacity for the affected parts of the internal network. While we’re seeing good results and a sharp decrease in dropped connections so far, we’re going to re-asses on Monday, July 25th to see if any additional changes need to be made ahead of our planned long term resolution. While you may still see some 500/503 errors they should drop dramatically over the weekend.

We�ll keep your case open and will be in touch with further information as soon as it becomes available, including our status on Monday, July 25th. Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything else we can do to assist.


I’m sorry but these don’t seem terribly random, from where I’m sitting all
of my sites have been completely inaccessible all day since filing this
ticket. Am I correct that you are saying here I shouldn’t expect any change
until Monday, three days from now? That is significant enough downtime to
warrant changing providers altogether.


I sent that last night, there hasn’t been ANY response despite their assurance that “we’ll keep your case open.”

Additionally, I see a sea of green and “All Systems Operational” at the status dashboard at - the same state it has been in since I filed this ticket.

Considering they seem to be well aware of the issue - one pertaining to a “sharp decrease in capacity” in their core network and they’ve had at least two days to update the status dashboard I think it’s not unreasonable to say that the status dashboard is BS and utterly useless as any sort of diagnostic tool for (existing :slight_smile: ) customers.

Holy cow! I’m now getting the “This Site Can’t Be Reached” error on almost every page load, and many of my MySQL database queries are failing.

What is going on with Dreamhost? This is quickly turning into the worst web hosting experience I’ve ever had.

Same issue…… please for the over 6hrs now please kindly help me out I’m loosing traffics

Dreamhost finally acknowledge “the random 500/503 errors as a result of errors within our internal network”

“As of Friday, July 22nd we’ve added multiple uplinks to help ease the congestion located within our network to allow traffic to properly work between our web services and shared MySQL services. While we’ve seen a very dramatic improvement with dropped packets, we’re still not at 100% proper traffic. Our network and operations teams are still in the process of seeing what other short term fixes can be implemented, though you should see a marked improvement in general site behavior overall.”

I experienced an outage over the weekend, but I haven’t encountered any errors yesterday or today, so maybe their fix is working? Unfortunate that it took over a month to get to this point.